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    [ ♒ ] ——   Okay. So. He may or may not have gotten lost, but whatever! This place was all new and exciting, so he certainly didn’t mind, his gaze flitting around as he explored.

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Rachel Goodrich - Lightbulb

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     [ ♒ ] —— Spring had come to Enoshima, Haru was sure of it. He hadn’t been on Earth long enough to experience the transition from winter to spring, but he was sure this was it. People were smiling more, wearing thinner clothes and eating ice cream; the sun was shining more often, driving grey clouds away; some of the flowers had begun blooming.

He knew Keito hadn’t gotten around to watering the flowers yet, and so Haru had eagerly taken on the task of doing so, a serene smile on his face as he observed the blooming pansies and irises. The flowers didn’t need too much water though— that would kill them, Keito had told him so— so occasionally he would point the hose at himself instead, basking in the cold water. 

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summer. moths.


Kelp Forest by Lee Root


Sakura starred up at the clouds as she she walked down the grassy plain. She knew those clouds indicated rain was a foot. As the redhead searched for a dry area, a blonde haired male bumped into her causing her to fall down towards the ground. "HEY! Why don’t you watch where you’re going?"


The sudden feeling of walking into something surprised him— there were so few people who were up at such a late hour, especially outside—, purple eyes wide as they found the girl on the ground. She was obviously irritated, judging by the malicious tone in her voice and the look on her face, but Haru remained unfazed, mood still upbeat.


       —- ❝Sorry! he says, despite not looking particularly apologetic. I was looking at the sky, so I couldn’t watch where I was going too.